Protecting our future

The future of mobility and transport is electric. We accelerate the shift to a sustainable model, with focus to reach zero-carbon for the planet

Recycled, Rejuvenated

Get into the racing zone now

We recycle and re-power original street car chassis and modify them with race components.

This enables us to convert street cars to race-cars from all brands.

And you don’t need a separate racing division.

The future of motorsport

The world’s first all-electric touring car racing series. A fusion of entertainment, sport, sustainability, innovation, technology & engineering. We have ensured skill is the top agent in delivering the driving experience. The development of electric vehicles is moving at a furious pace and nowhere else in the world are cars tested as hard as on the racing track.

  • Sustainable
  • Entertaining
  • Ecosystem

Electric-powered cars are the natural evolution of racing. The biggest revolution in automotive industry is underway and EPWR is taking lead in laying the groundwork for electric-powered racing cars that deliver the same or better experience than fossil-fueled vehicles.

We are pushing the boundaries with an eye on the future of the planet

The sheer force and feedback off the road promises to deliver a thrilling experience to the driver as well as the STCC enthusiast. And this is just the beginning of the development phase.

Come join the ride as your car and team hit the tarmac running

We understand the thrill of the race and the challenge of engineering. We have built an ecosystem that enables the owner to focus on developing the team rather than dealing with challenges of the environment. By creating an ecosystem that delivers a ready-to-race car, the team owners can concentrate on decisive action.

Reach out to EPWR to see how we can quickly get you on the road, in the drivers’ seat


  • Rear wheel drive

    1-speed reduction with Ratio options

  • +500 BHP

    Single-core motor

  • 45 kWh, 800V battery

    50 kW regeneration

  • FIA Standard

    Safety FIA ar. 253