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  1. Revealing the first BMW i4 for STCC 2024

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    The covers have come off the first completed BMW i4 race car by EPWR ahead of the 2024 STCC season when the national touring car championship becomes the world’s first 100% electric.

    “We are proud to deliver the first BMW i4 race car to the STCC ahead of their ground-breaking 2024 season as we continue to push for a sustainable and exciting motorsport future together,” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

    Exion Racing will field the BMWs in the STCC next year and the team is planning to unveil its design during the spring.

    A total of four different models will be represented in the 2024 STCC with the CUPRA Born, BMW i4, Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen ID.3.

    “We showed you the Tesla Model 3 and CUPRA Born earlier this year and now we are very happy to be able to present the BMW i4 as another piece of the puzzle for the 2024 STCC season,” said Micke Bern, CEO of STCC.

    All of the 100% electric race cars are constructed by EPWR and features 550hp, rear-wheel drive, a complete absence of electronic driver aids and 100% focus on spectacular, sustainable motorsport.

    The deliveries of EPWR will continue throughout the spring and Brink Motorsport recently presented their first Tesla Model 3 during the Gothenburg eCarExpo.

    The 2024 STCC season will for the first time ever start on the streets of Gothenburg on June 8-9, featuring the explosive Head 2 Head format, learn more here.

  2. STCC announces 2024 calendar in cities and on circuits – electrified by EPWR

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    The STCC organisation has revealed its 2024 calendar which will feature spectacular racing in cities and on classic circuits, electrified by EPWR.

    “We are very happy to finally be able to nail down a strong calendar in cities and on circuits for 2024 together with the Swedish Motorsport Federation, organisers and teams,” Micke Bern, CEO of STCC said.

    “We are aware that we have a lot to prove after last year’s delays, but now we are slowly but surely building a good foundation to properly launch the championship’s biggest-ever change.

    “One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is the calendar and we have created a robust set-up with a mix of city events and classic tracks to offer spectators, partners and competitors a fantastic season.”

    The season will for the first time ever start on the streets of Gothenburg in June with the explosive Head 2 Head format.

    The return to the cities is enabled by the electrification of the championship in cooperation with EPWR, featuring a sustainable fusion of entertainment, innovation, technology and engineering.

    All 100% electric race cars from EPWR will be charged with renewable energy throughout the season, including a ground-breaking emission and noise-free trackside charging solution from Atlas Copco.

    “We are delighted to see the STCC having put together such an exciting calendar which features a strong combination of city events and circuits. This will enable us to together reach an even wider audience with thrilling and sustainable racing. 2023 was a difficult year with our delays, but we are now working hard together for a strong 2024,” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

    The STCC will then travel to the Ljungbyhed circuit in late June after Gothenburg while the city of Helsingborg will host the championship after the summer break in August.

    September will feature an intense last part of the season with back-to-back weekends at the Knutstorp and Mantorp circuits.

    2024 STCC Calendar
    Race 1-2 – 08-09/6 – Göteborg – STCC Head 2 Head
    Race 3 – 28-29/6 – Ljungbyheds Motorbana – Airport Race
    Race 4 – 24/8 – Helsingborg – STCC Head 2 Head
    Race 5 – 13-14/9 – Ring Knutstorp – Newsrace
    Race 6 – 20-21/9 – Mantorp Park – Grande Finale

  3. EPWR and SKF initiates cooperation for sustainable electrified racing

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    SKF, a world-leading provider of innovative industrial solutions, has started a long-term cooperation with EPWR to accelerate the shift to sustainable electric racing.

    “We are delighted to start a cooperation with EPWR and their inspiring project to create sustainable, affordable and exciting electric touring car racing,” said Virginie D’Inca, SKF Racing Manager at SKF. “SKF has been involved in top-class motorsport for more than 75 years and we are keen to continue to push the development forward as we enter a new electric racing era, supplying EPWR with our latest technology and solutions.”

    SKF is leading supplier in a wide array of motorsport areas, including Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR and IndyCar.

    “We believe that the products and solutions we provide to EPWR will not only enhance the performance of their electric touring cars but also underline our dedication to promoting eco-friendly mobility solutions”, added Philipp Herlein, Head Global Vehicle Aftermarket at SKF.

    The all-new 100% electric touring cars from EPWR, which will make their debut in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) in 2024, will feature several key products and solutions.

    “SKF carries a proud Swedish heritage of cutting-edge technology in motorsport, as well as a wide array of industrial projects globally, and we are thrilled to have them onboard in our push for sustainable motorsport. Their products take the efficiency and reliability of our race cars one step further forward, a key part in our work to limit the environmental impact without compromising quality,” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

    12 all-electric race cars are currently being produced for the 2024 STCC season by EPWR.

    “EPWR’s commitment to sustainable electric racing aligns perfectly with SKF’s vision for the future of mobility. By joining forces, we are gaining valuable insights and opportunities to further enhance our automotive solutions for broader customer range”, concluded Kerstin Enochsson, President Automotive at SKF.

    The STCC becomes the world’s first 100% electric national touring car championship next year with the EPWR concept, learn more here and SKF here.

  4. EPWR and STCC showcases first CUPRA Born race car at Mantorp

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    EPWR and STCC unveiled the first all-electric CUPRA Born race car during the Mantorp Park “Grande Finale” in Sweden ahead of the 2024 season.

    “We are thrilled to show the first new CUPRA Born to the world and continue piecing the puzzle together ahead of our historic 2024 season,” said Micke Bern, CEO of STCC.

    “PWR and CUPRA have been a successful key player of the championship since they entered it in 2016 and we look forward to see them continuing their strong programme with us for 2024 and beyond.”

    PWR – CUPRA Sweden will field three Born models in the 2024 STCC season for drivers Robert Dahlgren and Axel Bengtsson, while the third driver is yet to be revealed.

    “We’ve worked closely with PWR and STCC to push the development of sustainable motorsport forward for many years and it’s of course great to see the first new CUPRA Born in race version. Our cooperation enables us to continue showing that electrification and performance is a perfect match,” said Per Brinkenberg, Brand Manager of CUPRA Sweden.

    Construction by EPWR of the all-new STCC cars continues at full pace ahead of 2024, with the first Tesla Model 3 of Brink Motorsport unveiled at Knutstorp three weeks ago and further models to be unveiled and delivered throughout the autumn.

    “We’re accelerating production, eager to support a sustainable motorsport future and it’s of course a boost for everyone involved to see more cars being delivered to the STCC ahead of 2024.” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

    The STCC becomes the world’s first 100% electric national touring car championship next year with the EPWR concept, learn more here.

  5. EPWR delivers first 100% electric STCC race car – Tesla Model 3

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    EPWR has delivered the first 100% electric race car to the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC), a Tesla Model 3 which was unveiled during the Newsrace at Ring Knutstorp in southern Sweden today.

    “Today marks a vital keystone for us to start deliveries of our new generation of sustainable and spectacular race cars to the STCC,” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

    “We will deliver further cars to the championship throughout the coming months, and we look forward to the coming first tests on Swedish circuits where we will be able to gather a large quantity of valuable data in our never-ending development for the 2024 season and beyond.”

    The new STCC cars of EPWR are 100% electric, featuring 550hp, rear-wheel drive and an engineering focus on sustainable and close racing.

    All the new STCC race cars are constructed on the respective chassis of the original model by EPWR. Other than the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4, CUPRA Born and Volkswagen ID.3 models are currently under construction.

    “The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together, and this is a great day for all involved as we together with EPWR can unveil the first STCC race car of the new 100% electric generation,” said Micke Bern, CEO of STCC.

    “Next up is an exciting period of further deliveries, followed by the official tests which are a crucial part of the preparations for the historic 2024 season.”

    Team Brink Motorsport will field three Tesla Model 3 race cars in the 2024 STCC season, with delivery of the remaining cars to Exion Racing (BMW), CUPRA – PWR Sweden to follow during the autumn.

    “It’s great to see the first car, an important milestone in our journey towards an electric STCC! There are still some things to work on, but we are more than ready to sink our teeth in our new Teslas. We look forward to an intense autumn and winter of preparations,” said Tobias Brink, driver and co-owner of Brink Motorsport.

    Another model will be unveiled during the Mantorp Park race weekend on September 22-23 this year, where a first track demo will be held.

    The STCC becomes the world’s first 100% electric national touring car championship next year with the EPWR concept, learn more here.

  6. EPWR announces STARD as official supplier of batteries for STCC

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    EPWR, the R&D division of the PWR Group, has started a cooperation with STARD, an Austrian advanced motorsport, and automotive development company, for the electrification of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC).

    “STARD with its vast experience of electrified motorsport and the high-performance battery is a perfect match for EPWR and our project of electrifying regional touring car racing, starting with the STCC,” said Janne Ljungberg of EPWR.

    “Our cooperation will revolve around the batteries and technology connected to it. We are confident of productive cooperation as we take an exciting and critical leap forward for regional motorsport around the globe in a sustainable way.”

    EPWR will bring sustainability into racing – two words that have not previously belonged together – through the new 100% electric touring car regulations with which the STCC will become the world’s first electric national touring car championship.

    STARD has developed high-performance EV powertrain systems since 2012, introducing the world’s first electric rally/rallycross development car and most recently the 2000hp Ford Pro Electric SuperVan concept car.

    “We are delighted to start an extensive cooperation with EPWR around their exciting electrification of regional touring car racing,” said Michael Sakowicz, CEO of Stohl Advanced Research and Development (STARD).

    “Electric race cars are the future of motorsport, and we have no doubt that our experience and technology can add to the impressive EPWR project. We look forward to working closely together and providing onsite technical support during the STCC race weekends.”

    Engineers and technicians from EPWR and STARD will be present during all STCC race weekends for technical support, starting with the Helsingborg race in June.

    EPWR will provide the STCC field with state-of-the-art 550hp race cars, based on production road cars such as the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

    Production of the first batch of new cars is currently underway, featuring a 45kWh liquid-cooled battery of 800 volts, designed to provide exciting, sustainable, and cost-efficient racing.