STCC announces 2024 calendar in cities and on circuits – electrified by EPWR

The STCC organisation has revealed its 2024 calendar which will feature spectacular racing in cities and on classic circuits, electrified by EPWR.

“We are very happy to finally be able to nail down a strong calendar in cities and on circuits for 2024 together with the Swedish Motorsport Federation, organisers and teams,” Micke Bern, CEO of STCC said.

“We are aware that we have a lot to prove after last year’s delays, but now we are slowly but surely building a good foundation to properly launch the championship’s biggest-ever change.

“One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is the calendar and we have created a robust set-up with a mix of city events and classic tracks to offer spectators, partners and competitors a fantastic season.”

The season will for the first time ever start on the streets of Gothenburg in June with the explosive Head 2 Head format.

The return to the cities is enabled by the electrification of the championship in cooperation with EPWR, featuring a sustainable fusion of entertainment, innovation, technology and engineering.

All 100% electric race cars from EPWR will be charged with renewable energy throughout the season, including a ground-breaking emission and noise-free trackside charging solution from Atlas Copco.

“We are delighted to see the STCC having put together such an exciting calendar which features a strong combination of city events and circuits. This will enable us to together reach an even wider audience with thrilling and sustainable racing. 2023 was a difficult year with our delays, but we are now working hard together for a strong 2024,” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

The STCC will then travel to the Ljungbyhed circuit in late June after Gothenburg while the city of Helsingborg will host the championship after the summer break in August.

September will feature an intense last part of the season with back-to-back weekends at the Knutstorp and Mantorp circuits.

2024 STCC Calendar
Race 1-2 – 08-09/6 – Göteborg – STCC Head 2 Head
Race 3 – 28-29/6 – Ljungbyheds Motorbana – Airport Race
Race 4 – 24/8 – Helsingborg – STCC Head 2 Head
Race 5 – 13-14/9 – Ring Knutstorp – Newsrace
Race 6 – 20-21/9 – Mantorp Park – Grande Finale