EPWR delivers first 100% electric STCC race car – Tesla Model 3

EPWR has delivered the first 100% electric race car to the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC), a Tesla Model 3 which was unveiled during the Newsrace at Ring Knutstorp in southern Sweden today.

“Today marks a vital keystone for us to start deliveries of our new generation of sustainable and spectacular race cars to the STCC,” said Micke Jansson, CEO of EPWR.

“We will deliver further cars to the championship throughout the coming months, and we look forward to the coming first tests on Swedish circuits where we will be able to gather a large quantity of valuable data in our never-ending development for the 2024 season and beyond.”

The new STCC cars of EPWR are 100% electric, featuring 550hp, rear-wheel drive and an engineering focus on sustainable and close racing.

All the new STCC race cars are constructed on the respective chassis of the original model by EPWR. Other than the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4, CUPRA Born and Volkswagen ID.3 models are currently under construction.

“The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together, and this is a great day for all involved as we together with EPWR can unveil the first STCC race car of the new 100% electric generation,” said Micke Bern, CEO of STCC.

“Next up is an exciting period of further deliveries, followed by the official tests which are a crucial part of the preparations for the historic 2024 season.”

Team Brink Motorsport will field three Tesla Model 3 race cars in the 2024 STCC season, with delivery of the remaining cars to Exion Racing (BMW), CUPRA – PWR Sweden to follow during the autumn.

“It’s great to see the first car, an important milestone in our journey towards an electric STCC! There are still some things to work on, but we are more than ready to sink our teeth in our new Teslas. We look forward to an intense autumn and winter of preparations,” said Tobias Brink, driver and co-owner of Brink Motorsport.

Another model will be unveiled during the Mantorp Park race weekend on September 22-23 this year, where a first track demo will be held.

The STCC becomes the world’s first 100% electric national touring car championship next year with the EPWR concept, learn more here.