EPWR announces STARD as official supplier of batteries for STCC

EPWR, the R&D division of the PWR Group, has started a cooperation with STARD, an Austrian advanced motorsport, and automotive development company, for the electrification of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC).

“STARD with its vast experience of electrified motorsport and the high-performance battery is a perfect match for EPWR and our project of electrifying regional touring car racing, starting with the STCC,” said Janne Ljungberg of EPWR.

“Our cooperation will revolve around the batteries and technology connected to it. We are confident of productive cooperation as we take an exciting and critical leap forward for regional motorsport around the globe in a sustainable way.”

EPWR will bring sustainability into racing – two words that have not previously belonged together – through the new 100% electric touring car regulations with which the STCC will become the world’s first electric national touring car championship.

STARD has developed high-performance EV powertrain systems since 2012, introducing the world’s first electric rally/rallycross development car and most recently the 2000hp Ford Pro Electric SuperVan concept car.

“We are delighted to start an extensive cooperation with EPWR around their exciting electrification of regional touring car racing,” said Michael Sakowicz, CEO of Stohl Advanced Research and Development (STARD).

“Electric race cars are the future of motorsport, and we have no doubt that our experience and technology can add to the impressive EPWR project. We look forward to working closely together and providing onsite technical support during the STCC race weekends.”

Engineers and technicians from EPWR and STARD will be present during all STCC race weekends for technical support, starting with the Helsingborg race in June.

EPWR will provide the STCC field with state-of-the-art 550hp race cars, based on production road cars such as the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

Production of the first batch of new cars is currently underway, featuring a 45kWh liquid-cooled battery of 800 volts, designed to provide exciting, sustainable, and cost-efficient racing.